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Postdoctoral Fellowship (Full-time)

  • We are seeking a postdoctoral research fellow to help lead a NIH-Funded research study focusing on the Mechanisms of Amygdala-Mediated Memory Enhancement in Humans using intracranial EEG and direct amygdala stimulation in humans. The postdoctoral fellow would also have opportunities to work on novel studies of real-world cognitive neuroscience using direct brain recordings as participants with implanted iEEG recordings navigate the large, real-world spaces. This position is renewable for up to 5 years and will involve leadership of a project across multiple sites around the US. For more information please reach out to Cory Inman at To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to cory.inman@psych.utah.eduand We look forward to hearing from you!

Graduate Students

  • We will be recruiting graduate students this coming application cycle. For details on applying, learn more on the psychology department's website. Feel free to email Martina Hollearn at or Dr. Inman directly if you’d like more specific information about the lab that can’t be found on the website.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • We are always open to Undergraduate students at local greater SLC universities seeking to gain research experience. If you’re interested in learning about how you can get involved, please email Martina Hollearn at

Virtual and Augmented Reality Game Designers

  • We are always seeking opportunities to work with motivated and innovated VR and AR game designers for our studies. If interested in designing environments, objects, and game play for bleeding-edge neuroscience research, please reach out to
Last Updated: 12/9/21